What a journey it has been….

” There is no easy way to say goodbye”

I  was employed as a Company Nurse in a Call Center in Eastwood ( I’m not sure if I’m allowed to write the name of the company). It was my first time to be exposed in a corporate setting , and the experience taught me a lot of lesson not just about the nature of the job but also life-long lesson that I could carry for the rest of my life. There , I met a lot of people  with  different personalities , beliefs , values and character. I never thought that I would fit in or last a single month in the company, considering the fact that I need to be away from my family and live in a room, that I sincerely believed , nearest to the sun. (see the story here)   It has been a year and 2 months since I signed the contract . Time flies like a raging bullet . The last day  of my employment came , I am all ready , or so I thought. Bringing all the courage I have , I venture myself to Eastwood ( from Cavite) and work for the last time. I acted as normal as possible and do the things I / we normally do.   I was afraid to face my real feelings but I know I will soon face them , and I need to face them alone.



The nurse is on break :p
The nurse is on break :p


My previous workmates become my inspiration when I lack the motivation to go to work. I treated them not just a family but a part of me. A part of me that can neither be erase nor forgotten.  This is the page of my life I don’t want to turn….but I have to. I just turned 25 yesterday and  the search for a good career and self growth have become my priority .Time is gold and we shouldn’t waste the time when life call us to be better than what we are right now. Sometimes we just need to make sacrifices in order to succeed even if it means being away (temporarily) from the people we value the most. The very reason why I am not afraid to open a new chapter in my life and to be with another group of people , a new work and a different kind of environment is the fact that my friends from my previous company accepted me for who I am , embraced my imperfection and love me just the same. With that in mind  , I become confident and have faith that there are people out there who will accept me for being me (Just what they did). I always believe in friendship and love and that’s what they have shown me. The relationship we all have was not perfect , but it’s more than worth it.





On a lighter note , I want to enumerate the things I have learned during my whole stay in the company ( Including the journey I have to take everyday on my way to work)


1. To them,  abbreviation like OB (Obstetrics) means Over Break , TL (True Love) means Team Leader . They have this crazy abbreviation and crazy timezone. (EST , PST  )

2. I realized the value of a 15-minute nap.

3. You  can actually fall in a deep sleep and wake up in a matter of 45 seconds … or less.

3.  People having conversation in full english inside a call center building (in the pantry , elevator , or rest room) are most likely than not , trainees.

4. Every second counts especially when you are in split seconds from being late to being on time.

5. During rush hour , you are lucky if you can force yourself inside a bus , luckier if you can find a good standing position and consider yourself son of God if you can sit in a comfortable position.

6. Graveyard shift gives a permanent eye-bag and a family of acne.

7. If you don’t want something to spoil your day, don’t look in your payslip during pay day.

8. During holiday , never be excited for a double pay , instead accept the fact that you are working for TAX. For Napoles , for Bong , for Enrile , for Jinggoy and the rest of the gang.

9. If  you want to be updated on the latest gossip in the office , read your emails.

10. Smoking and coffee are agents’ best friend.

11. You can sometimes lose your temper but never ever lose your values.

12. You can develop enemies or real friends. Choose the latter.

13. One of the requirements to be in the HR department is  to be:  gorgeous or hot or intelligent or all of the above.

14. Being a call center agent is not easy , respect them.

15. If you cannot love your job , love your workmates. Things will be easier that way.


The final hour of my stay in the company has arrived. Each time someone hug me to bid farewell , I couldn’t help but to have a series of chest pain. It is painful. Very painful. As if someone is pulling your heart and you feel each vein rip apart. I was decided , determined and strong until I feel the tears stream down my face for  I know  that after this day things will never be the same again. 😦



It’s been 10 hours , 9 minutes , and 36 seconds since I left the company . I don’t really miss them. Promise! :p


I want to express my gratitude to all the people who have been part of this wonderful experience. To my supervisor , boss , colleagues , utility personnel , guards , TLs , STLs , OMs , agents , trainers, crush , ex crush .  I have faith that our paths will cross again.  I love you all!


-Nurse Moi

P.S They are currently hiring for a CSR post . To those interested applicants kindly PM me on facebook and I will send your resume to them!

38 thoughts on “What a journey it has been….

  1. wow! you know what, i realize in this post your growth or sense of maturity now. every time i come here ( if i have time for blog hopping), you never fail to surprise me with your new adventures and realizations in life! Keep it up and more power, you will surely reach your goals.

  2. Hala trop, nagresign kna pala dun? Anyway, I believe He will bring you to greater heights. San ka man ilagay, alam kong you give your heart in it kaya nasusuklian ka rin. Ikaw idol ko sa pagiging best nurse, kaya pa update nlng ako ng trends. Hehe. Keep in touch! Ingats

  3. haha, relate much… lagi kasi akong OB, sa lunch, OB ng 1hr, nakakatulog sa pantry.haha, pagyoyosi at pagkakape lang ang tangi mong heaven sa impyernong mga clients na irate., sa email kasi ka makikipagdaldalan, wag mo lang cc ang TL.
    “15. If you cannot love your job , love your workmates. Things will be easier that way.” ika nga nila sikmurain mo na ang trabaho basta nageenjoy ka sa environment.

    touching naman ito kala ko mamamatay ka na!hahahah

  4. Awww…bbagotilyo..i feel the same way too ng magresign din ako. I know ur glad and enjoy meeting those crazy people like you ;-)..Goodluck to your new journey. For sure mas marami ka pa makakaharap na kakaibang katrabaho..Wish u luck pre 🙂

  5. ito lang tandaan maginoo (hahaha), ito ang bagong panimula ng buhay mo. everything naman sa buhay natin, either good or bad, worth it naman yon. good luck sa bagong chapter ng buhay mo and happy to hear u once again! eetttt eeyytt! charroots! hahaha di nga seryoso yan ha! isang power huggss! kailangan maipit kita sa mga taba ko! hahahaha

    1. haha mejo naipit nga ko. joke :p

      tama ka, tsaka natapos man ang chapter na yon ng buhay ko pwede ko naman ulit balik-balikan o pwede kong isama ang ilan sa bagong chapter.

  6. Congrats sa bagong chapter ng buhay maggagawa at sa panibagong journey na naman na lalakbayin…. the good thing about it is panibagong memories na naman, which eventually i share mo sa amin dito ulit…. #lookingforward… pero sayang, magpapalibre pa naman sana ako sayo sa eastwood, aalis ka na pala don hahaha

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