A Letter to my Future Self

Disclaimer: I was blogging when I saw a blog post the same as the title of this entry. I can’t remember his blog site . I can’t remember if I even commented that I will copy his idea about this one. So , whoever and wherever you are. Thanks to you.
To my readers: (if any) Since this post is kinda personal and Loo0ongg. I allow you to practice your right. Feel free to skip read.

Dear Self,

Hey! Funny how I can’t grasp a word to start a conversation (?) with you. How are you? I hope you’re doing fine. I hope you are still into writing and reading. I was once very passionate about it. But eventually the desire seems to flicker. The fuel to continue is almost gone. I wrote this whole thing because you know how crazy I am on things I can’t control. Time is one of them. I find it really cool talking writing to you. I am very comfortable in writing letters. Letters appears to be more authentic, true, original, sincere , genuine and heartfelt, likewise, letter’s main purpose is to express rather than to impress. That’s how I believed writing should be. That’s how I believed life should be.

Let me just give to you head ups (?) on what’s happening with the world now and my current beliefs/values/perspective (which to remind you in case you forget) I don’t want to lose.


I feel blessed to have it. I couldn’t imagine my life living without knowing HIM. To describe it simply, Faith is like a sunshine after a long typhoon , a rainbow after the rain , a wish come true , a light at the end of every tunnel. I know it’s off-topic but we’ve experienced a lot of flood incidents here. I wish things will not get worsen on your time. Anyway, be still for GOD is here and surely HE will be there too.


A Company Nurse here in eastwood. Did you continue what have I started? The first four years after graduation was shaky. I am looking for a career growth. Did you find it there? In case , you’ve encountered a company or a job that will offer you a good salary but will hinder you to grow personally and professionally. You only have but one choice. Leave. Don’t let them pay you to stop growing. Being stagnant is one of the most fearful things on earth.


I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for them. I love them more than my life. Do you have anything to add?


Corruption is almost endless. To those who have been accused guilty, wheelchair turned out to be the medium of their escape. (If you know what I mean!)

Ang pic po ay ninenok lang sa FB
Ang pic po ay ninenok lang sa FB


Patriotism. I have it (not that much) Did it grow stronger there? Don’t tell me you (I?) ended up to be a politician. If so, please slap your face twice and resign immediately. You don’t belong there. When temptation is at its finest, one dares not to disobey. Power and money is not a good ally. Not for you. Not for me. You can help others without the position. You don’t need it. Am I being bossy? Sorry.


They say – “ Respect begets respect”

I say – “ Respect? I gave it to all”

“ Respect? I gave it to all the woman I know.”

The very reason why I give high respect on women is because I wanted the girls of my life ( Mom , Sister , Cousin , etc) to received the same. I don’t want others to treat them in a disrespecting manner. I’ve seen my mom and sister cry right before my very eyes. I wanted to give them my warmest hug and die right after. Every woman’s tear is my kryptonite. If you still have the fear of hurting woman, say this aloud: “ I am proud of myself” . Imagine that those voices came from me. I am proud of me. I am proud of you. Yes , we sounded like a proud lion. I used to be humble…. or so I thought. Lol


Don’t bother asking me any update(?) outdate on this matter. My quarterly salary per year can’t even buy an iphone5 (around50k). Do the math. Haha. ( by the way, did iphone released something like iphone 28,29,30 etc?).

In todays time: If you buy the “latest” gadget expect that tomorrow it will become the “later” gadget. I still don’t get why rich people try to buy those high-tech gadgets like the way they changed clothes. I wonder if the word “value” ever crosses their mind. If I became rich I might understand them. Do you understand them now? Or do you still don’t get them. Whatever your answer is , I wish you don’t buy the cheapest thing in the menu on every fast food or restaurant the way I did….. or do. Rough times huh? This too shall pass …  :)


“Measure success not by counting your achievements in life but by counting happiness in every moment of your life.”

Continue to ask yourself the question: ” Am I happy?”

Because after all of the years you’ve spent trying to be the man who drive in a lamborghini or a cool car of some kind , a man who owns a countless bank account , a man who can go anywhere in the world just to have a booze of coffee ,or a man who has an enormous house made in bricks or fine granite, the question ” are you happy” will always be the ultimate guideline if you have been successful living your life.  You can be rich but don’t let your happiness depend on it.


 Love is blind. When his/her happiness become your happiness , sometimes even at your own expense. For with true love comes sacrifice.

To Anonymous:  My love for you will exceed the word forever. Alam mo yan. Alam mo nga ba?

Kung hindi pa , pwes ngayon alam mo na. Ano pang hinihintay mo?

<insert song> Come on and get me get me get me , baby I’m yours come on and get me.
Hong londi! Malandi ka pa rin kaya ngayon?


Tinatamad na ko mag-isip. Read na lang this. “ ANG BUHAY AY PARANG CHESS”. I share the same perspective up to date. Nauubusan na ko ng English. Pramis! #KonyoMe #Nosebleed #Epistaxis


AGE: 24 Years Old

 Status: Single   Healthy “Fit to work” “Fit to love”

 Frustrations Hobbies: Singing , writing , sleeping

“If  by any chance ,I turn out to be more handsome than you I will laugh out loud and I will make sure that you’ll hear it there. So, work your ass out to be a wrinkle free gorgeous lad “


me na me

Please do cross-out those unwanted behavior. Sorry for messing this up.Blame me on this. I want you to be better than me in every aspect of life. Work hard to be the best man you can be.



P.S I know tomorrow or even in a little while can be considered as a “future me”. But Please don’t be stubborn. Read this whole thing after 5 years. Same date. Don’t forget to write me back. I know you’re lazy. I will still wait for your reply , I am stubborn too. Just so you know. Also , try to find my grammar lapses and mark them red. I want to see how much I’ve learned  in this language. I don’t say it often but.. hmmmm… I love you. (a little too much)

54 thoughts on “A Letter to my Future Self

  1. Hi! I think I also made a post like this sometime before. I wrote it to keep myself reminded of how I badly wanted to pursue my career and not quit along the way.

    Thankfully, I am still surviving that I did not feel the need *yet to read that post.

    Good thing you made a post like this also.

  2. I like posts like this na parang time capsule. It tells you so much about yourself kapag nabasa mo uli sa future… Sa future you need to go back in time para mabasa yung sulat to your past self haha

  3. Yun oh! sana tuloy tuloy na ulet ang pagbabalik mo sa pagsusulat ng blogposts parekoy. Ilang months ka rin walang new post. Which we all understand naman because of the nature of your work.

    Parang balak ko rin gumawa ng ganitong Liham para sa aking sarili. Tagalog version lang… dinudugo ako sa english 😀

  4. Ahahaha.. Mr. Bagotilyo, okay tong post na to ah. Pwedeng gayahin? hehe. Gusto ko yung politician part. Ako, gusto ko rin kaso yung “tagging” na corrupt ka na agad pag ikaw ay isang politician. Tsk tsk. Sistema nga naman natin. Natawa ako sa pic nung nasa wheelchair. 🙂

  5. My first time here dito sa blog mo…and good to know your letter to your future self… Guess you are obliged to remember and read this in the future…a future lesson…
    Natawa ako sa ‘meme’.. Oo nga naman, sakay lang sa wheelchair…

  6. Reading each and every part is like a reflection of my ongoings in life and where I wanted to go. The career thing fits me to a tee as I feel I had been stagnant for some time now. This writing to yourself kind of thing is a good way to see where we wanted to go. It’s like a checklist of now, to be read again in the future, and as learnings from the past. Nice job!

  7. Una welcome back.. at sa pagbalik mo napukaw mo naman ako sa iyong bagong post, napaisip o napatanong sa mga bagay-bagay, ika nga nila dapat minsan kailangan din magreflect para malaman kung anu nga ba ang mga nagawa mo o dapat mong gawin…

    Muli salamat!

    1. maka ” welcome back” naman sir. hahaha….. 1 month mahigit alng akong nawala :p

      Masarap din mag refelct , masarap ding timbangin ang mga bagay na nag ma”matter” sa buhay.

      Walang anuman axl 🙂

  8. did you set this up at futureme.org?

    I like how you define happiness there 🙂
    anyways, the gorgeousness of your future self will depend on how you take care and value urself today. keep the good vibes!

  9. galing..hehehe..I do hope most of the things you wanted to be after five years will come true..actually you have to believe it to have it. Sana in five years nandito pa blog mo, and try to repost this..hehehe…kaasar ka lang at medyo tinamaan ako dun sa job na nagbibigay ng good salary but hinders your growth.. oh well, you can learn naman to love your job and maybe kumuha ng sideline job na pwede kang maggrow :p

    1. yung totoo? di ko pa nga masyadong kilala ang sarili ko. marami pa ding kailangang i discover . May mga bagay na akala ko hindi ko magagawa pero nagawa ko , may mga bagay na akala ko magagawa ko pero hindi..


      Salamat po sa pagdaan 🙂

  10. Nice, incidentally may draft ako na sulatin entitled “A Letter to My Past Self”
    Di ko matapos-tapos sulatin. Baka libro magawa ko e. Haha.

    Anyway, I cannot agree more when you said “Letters appears to be more authentic, true, original, sincere , genuine and heartfelt…”

  11. Sarap basahin ng lettet mo para sa yo. Ang galing naman. I wish you all the best. I know God has the best in mind for you. Maybe, gaya naman ako sa yo:)
    You are an inspiration:)

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