Dear Lord,


I was lost….

I am trapped in a place where I see nothing but darkness

The undisturbed silence gives way to hear the fearful beat of my heart

I took a few dubious steps in search of hope and truth

The steps turned into walk, walk turned into journey

I didn’t know where to go, then there came You and lit my path

Lord, I did not find You; You found me


I was unworthy…

I live in a world where wrong is forced to be right

And breeding the egg of evil seems to be the favorite hobby of man

At a certain point I became one of them, unconsciously…. or maybe consciously

I’m sorry for disappointing You, I was unfaithful and careless

The love You gave, the forgiveness You’ve made

Lord, I did not deserve any of it but You gave it to me wholeheartedly


I was hopeless…

In the abyss of my solitude, I feel so alone

Trials just keep on coming like heavy rain on rainy days

I want to run, and think that escape is the only solution I got on hand

I was in despair when a shaft of light coming from the sun touched my face

Suddenly a rainbow appeared, beautifully painted on the sky

Lord, You provided a rainbow after the rain; a reason in each problem I overcame


I am loved….

When I think of the cross, I think of my weakness

The sins I committed were unimaginable, likewise, unforgivable

But instead of judging me, You offer your hand to yank me up

I looked at it and see the nail-pierced hole, blood gushing out from it

I turned my sight into my hands and see the hammer on the right, nails on the left

Lord, the cross reminds me of my weakness, but moreover, it reminds of your undying love


I am favored…

Every day I wake up and fail to see that life itself is a miracle

Sometimes I was so busy earning a living that I forget how to live

I chased the wrong things and overlooked what is really important in life

Today , let me just express my gratitude to You , to You who always provide

Thank you for your unlimited patience and overflowing blessings

Lord, I really don’t know what did I do to be loved by You


I am victorious….

My life has so many ups and downs, twists and turns

I’ve been through bad times and placed in life’s edges

I managed to surpass them all not because I am strong

But because my God is strong… and loving…. and caring

Whenever I achieved something or reached a new milestone in my life

Lord, I know you are there smiling like a proud father


You are the busiest being I’ve ever known

So, I need to end this letter before it turns out to be a novel

Neither did I play with the words I’ve used here nor rhyme everything

For simplicity never fails me to express the deepest emotions I have

I believe that it’s not the words but the pureness of my heart that reaches Yours

Lord, this letter is my prayer, this letter is my life written only for You


P.S. I Love You

                                                                                                                                                            Your Son,

                                                                                                                                                             Moises John


Ang tulang ito ay nagkamit ng ikatlong karangalan sa ” A Letter to God contest “ ni Mommy Joy ng
Nakakatuwa kasi perstaym kong sumali sa contest na english which is hirap na hirap talaga ako (noseblood me?) tapos ayun naka 3rd pa. Kahit siguro hindi ako nakapasok sa top 3 pakiramdam ko panalo pa rin ako kasi naiangat ang pangalan ni Lord. All praises and glory and honor to HIM. 🙂

Salamat sa nagproofread nito. ( kilala mo kung sino ka) 🙂
Salamat Lord sa inspirasyon. Without you I am nothing.

Goodvibes lang everyone 🙂

93 thoughts on “Dear Lord,

  1. amen…:)) How great is our God. I feel so blessed nung nakilala ko siya. ang saya ko kasi tinanggap ko siya sa life ko kumpara dati na wala siya. tsaka marami jan na naliligaw pa ng landas. We do sins pero nandyan si Lord to forgive and love us. Ang laki ng guilt ko dahil hindi ko siya binibigyan ng time. 😦 Godbless sayo:)

  2. ellow, bagotilyo… tamo, ka-drama ng umpisa, “I am trapped in a place where I see nothing but darkness.” 😉 ayan naman, pag si bagotilyo ang nagsabi, nakakabagbag-damdamin, ahaha.

    hoy, bruho, darating ang magmamahal sa ‘yo, uu. lovable kang nilalang, tandaan mo ‘yon, lagi… keep well ~ ate san

  3. I so much love this pards! maganda siyang gawing daily prayer. Pero ito ang pinakatumatak sakin: “Lord, I did not find You; You found me”
    basta, am so proud of you, pang-First place yang gawa mo, pero third place is not bad either 🙂 congrats uli…

  4. wow. . 😀 hanep ang ganda ng letter .. 🙂 I think when you writing this letter I think God send his wisdom to write this extraordinary letter.. Although we are sinners but the love of our God is still. And He offer his own life just for us to be saved from our sins. I feel so bless when i’m reading this. GOOD JOB.! And I hope that you can write more and more in GOD’S WILL. Always Pray and ask knowledge and wisdom to God.:)

    Again Good Job you did a VERY VERY VERY BEST LETTER that i’ve Read..:)

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