The Five People You Meet in Heaven


by: Mitch Albom

“ This is the greatest gift God can give you. To understand what happened in your life.To have it explained. It is the peace you have been searching for.”


The afterlife. What is it like? Is it a burden free paradise?


The book told a fictional story about a man who died and let his life explained. That each person we meet or those we didn’t, affect our lives in the way we never expected. The story of one affects yours without you knowing it  . We are all connected , we live in one world , we run in circles , the circle of life.


What if we really meet people in heaven who explain every single thing during our days on earth. Every emotion , pain , anger, joy ,love, hope , lost, despair, solitude were all explained to you vividly. What if somebody up there can give answer to your unanswerable questions? Somebody who can unfold all the secrets in your life. Will you be excited to say hello to death then?

13 thoughts on “The Five People You Meet in Heaven

  1. di ko padin natatapos ito., tipong 50 pages left nlng., tpos makakalimutan ko na sya ituloy., :(( Hehe., btw, great story., from end to beginning.,haha

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  2. Isa sa mga pinakagusto kong book. Bawat isang tao merong parang “theme” ng usapan. Na eventually magli-lead sa isang awesome lesson. Dito ko ata nakuha karamihan ng mga favorite quotes ko, na nagbigay binigyan ako ng kakaibang pananaw sa buhay, kinda. Hehehe.. 🙂

  3. i think i read this book when i was still in school. i forgot how it went. interestingly, i am now reading a book which features a deathless man. idk if there are a lot of people excited with death but i can tell you i am not against it. 🙂

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