A Teenager’s Journey


by: Richard B. Pelzer


This is a story of crazed binges , of heady cocktails, of alcohol and cocaine , of the lethal lure of heroin, the blissful highs and hideous lows that led, repeatedly, to attempts on his own life. Its a story of tormented soul: of a boy in the impossible position of hating his mother with all his heart – while at the same time wishing she would protect him from evils of the world. Yet it is also a story of faith. Initially, the faith of a neighbouring family who knew he was papering over the cracks of appalling pain and who helped him exposed and deal with that pain.





The way the author wrote his painful experiences during his childhood to teenage years is extraordinary. He has the gift of passing certain emotion to the reader. Its just as if  I was there feeling his pain , sharing his sorrows and at the same time he let me understand why he do such “self-destructive”  things. What he do may be wrong but sometimes what he really need is not a brilliant mind that speaks but a genuine heart that listen and understand. There really is a reason behind everything , a trigger behind every actions , and a story behind every decision. It is not good to rationalize your wrong doings but it is never fair to judge them without hearing their sides and closing your heart for what are they going through. I admire the author for being brave by sharing his painful experiences. He is truly an inspiration.



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